Bullying Prevention Team "Our mission is to promote a sense of  belonging and acceptance of all individuals, and  to promote the Golden Rule through Web resources."

The Prevention Team is a youth led organization dedicated to building confidence, integrity, and to address one of our country's biggest issues in the schools and communities, bullying. The Bullying Prevention Team provides educational information to all educational institutions across America, to help prevent bullying from occurring at their facilities. Our mission is to provide information and materials for students to understand the consequences of bullying, and to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance to individuals. We are here to provide information to employers, organizations and religious institutions.

  • Schools
  • Colleges/University/Vocational Training Schools
  • Religious Organizations and Worship Centers
  • Scouting Organizations & Scout-Like Organizations
  • Help/Self-Help Organizations
  • Employers, Business Owners, Human Resources
  • Media, News Media, Entertainment
  • Anti-Bullying Support Groups (for Bullies and for Victims)

We can fight bullying by provide seminars, training materials, assist victims of bullying with any needs for assistance such as counseling, legal actions, and advice's. We can provide workshops or seminars to help that location where the bullying has occurred to stop and to provide any needs. When a bullying has happened, we will response quickly to that location and we will work with them immediately to provide the needs and comfort on all sides. We will ask every location to get in tough with us when bullying has happened. We will response and file a report and receive reports from proper law enforcement then we will work together to prevent from it again and work with the two sides: The bully and the victim(s) for their needs. After that event happen, we will have an awareness seminar with all people involved in that location to attend. Then have all people sign Anti-Bullying Agreements and be aware of any bullying happening. They will receive an award for their effort to report a bullying crime. Anyone breaking their agreement shall be noted with proper authorities.

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